Over the years I have completed many different tech projects, from small video games, to cutting-edge deep learning models. I have used multiple programming languages to complete them, including Python, Java, C, SQL, and Pascal. You can find a collection of these projects here - click on one for more details.

Spotify History visualisations

Spotify History

Do you want to understand your Spotify listening history better? Well, you could wait for Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year... or you could use this repository.

Twitter Sentiment Extraction Challenge

Twitter Sentiment Extraction Challenge

Finished 558th out of over 2000 competitors, using machine learning to extract sentiment-relevant substrings.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Completed a qualification designed to teach data science and machine learning skills, culminating in a project comparing Luxembourg towns.

Warwick SU Website

Warwick Students' Union Website

Contributed to the redevelopment of the new Warwick SU website, after the previous website was identified as having an inadequate design, functionality, and accessibility.

Generation of Rap

Analysis and Generation of Rap Lyrics

An interface for analysing rap lyrics and software to computationally generate new lyrics, built as part of my third year dissertation.

Mike the Virtual Trading Assistant

Mike - Trading Assistant

Developed in collaboration with Deutsche Bank, Mike answers queries related to companies and sectors in the FTSE 100.

Multi-Threaded Packet Sniffer

Multi-Threaded Packet Sniffer

A Linux packet sniffer capable of detecting various protocols as well as ARP cache-poisoning, Christmas tree attacks, and blacklisted URL requests.

The Maths Revision Tool program

Maths Revision Tool

The Maths Revision Tool is a program I developed in my second year of college to help students revise for their A-Level Maths exams.

The Word Blitz mobile application

Word Blitz

Are you a dictionary dummy or a word wizard? Do you think crosswords are easy? Well, maybe you need a new challenge! Word Blitz is a game where you must try to make as many words as you can before your time runs out.

The Demon's Field game

Demon's Field

The village is under attack from waves of monsters! Defend the village from increasing difficulties of waves, or take on some of Yael's and Shady's missions instead. Defeat monsters as you explore plains, forests, snow, lava and more...

Maze Game

Maze Game

Fives mazes, four enemies, free game! Work your way through the maze in as little moves as possible to earn yourself a medal, but you have to dodge the enemies who will try to hunt you down. Can you defeat the maze?