Maze Game

DateOctober 2014
RoleSolo Project
DescriptionFives mazes, four enemies, free game! Work your way through the maze in as little moves as possible to earn yourself a medal, but you have to dodge the enemies who will try to hunt you down. Can you defeat the maze?
Maze Game



Hey, dude, where's the game?
The game was developed with Pascal and will only run as a Windows executable. Click the image to download the game. Sadly, Mac and geeky Linux users will not be able to run the game unless you run a virtual machine. Sorry.
How do I play?
After the loading screen there will be a menu (and another if you want to choose your maze), use the number keys to select the menu option. You can then move around in the maze using the arrow keys.
Did you really make the game? It is the greatest game ever!
Yes, yes I did. In fact, a majority of the game was made in 4 hours on a Thursday afternoon with no planning. I just decided to make a maze game and threw random things into it. The UI, extra mazes and a scoring system were added later as well as an updated enemy AI to make them slightly smarter.
Why did the game create some strange files?
Don't worry, they are used for the scoring system. You can open them up to see how harmless they are, although editing them could cause the game to crash so beware!
Will you update the game?
Unless I get hundreds of requests I doubt it, this was only a small project to help me get used to programming in Pascal.
How does the enemy AI work?
I was originally going to make the enemies similar to Pacman ghosts. I added four enemies and made them randomly decide on their next direction at every intersection. Since this was only a small project I never improved upon that but the enemies should give you enough of a challenge to make the game more interesting.
Can I steal your game?
No! However if you want advice for your own games or to ask about mine you can contact me.